Summer Lab for students, architects, scientists, artists, and individuals of all backgrounds to explore the larger framework of urban agriculture and its effects on the architecture and urban design of NYC.

Set in New York City, TerreFarm Lab seeks to rethink what is salubrious about the city, in both its forms and its life, by reflecting on the consequences of a fundamentally new level of sustainability. We will base our investigations on one illuminating hypothesis: in the future New York will grow to be self-sufficient in its critical necessities. In particular, we will observe a series of specific technical, urbanistic, and architectural strategies not simply for the food production required to feed the city, but the possibilities of diet, agriculture, and retrofitted facilities that could achieve that level within the constraints of the local climate.

Field Trip Week 2010

July 19, 2010

2PM to 4PM – Eagle Street Rooftop Farm http://rooftopfarms.org/

July 20, 2010

12PM to 3PM – The Science Barge http://nysunworks.org.s46880.gridserver.com/?s=thesciencebarge

July 22, 2010

11AM to 1PM – NYC Botanical Garden http://www.nybg.org/